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JLR Investigations is a full service investigation firm with a corporate office located in Long Beach, California. We serve a full spectrum of corporate clients including self insureds, the insurance, financial and legal industries, as well as those in the private sector. We are committed to consistently providing the highest standard in client service, with state-of-the-art technology to deliver quick and efficient results. We provide detailed, comprehensive and tangible evidence that can stand up in any court of law.

Our investigators are located throughout California and the US, have military and law enforcement backgrounds and are experienced in providing rapid results in the most cost effective manner. We are licensed and insured, available 24/7 and provide confidential and complimentary consultations. Contact us today to get started  (909).-888-8880

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Exceptional Customer Service       Competitive Rates                  
State-of-the-Art Technology           In-Depth Reports                    
Experience                                      Rapid Results

Personalized Investigator                24/7 Availability

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